RGS Team Polaris, walked away with an overall second place at last night's Junior Achievement Company Programme 2017 Awards, held at a plushly deck-out Villa Marina. Twenty-nine teams entered this year, making it the biggest JA event on record, and all 5 RGS teams had their work cut out for them, if they were going to achieve a podium finish. Polaris, started with 6 team members but, very early into the competition, found themselves reduced to just four. Mark Arrowsmith, a valiant MD, Jewel Bacani, Josh Kelly and Meg Byrne were clinical in their approach, not only designing and producing an amazing product, but creating a lively presentation and filing a thorough, and visionary company report. Their company created and marketed 'Grip Ties' a modern, and very efficient take on the old fashion snow chains, used to increase traction on vehicle tires. Although the team missed out on competing in the European Finals, the judges were incredibly impressed with the product and the team dynamic. Junior Achievement have requested that the team continue to market their product. As members of the newly formed Junior Achievement Alumni, they will begin to demonstrate how their team has created a viable business, that can grow beyond the parameters of the JA competition. It has been a privilege to watch them work and we look forward to watching the business develop! Well done!

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