The 54th annual Rotary Club Public Speaking competition took place at Ballakermeen High School on Thursday 16th March.
Each of the 6 secondary schools on the island was represented and the topics chosen were fascinating and wide-ranging.
Our magnificent team, under the tutelage of Mrs Rahman, raised the contentious issue of grading student work at KS3, and the relevance of assessment and homework. A very lively and well-researched speech was delivered by Sam Roddick, and his team-mates were Ealish Withington, who won a special prize for her role as team Chairperson, and Poppy Kennish, whose delivery of her Vote of Thanks speech was commended for the flawless delivery without the use of notes!
Did you know that the greatest phobia is not that of spiders, or the dark, or heights, but of public-speaking? With that in mind, our young people did a superb job in front of a discerning audience and panel of judges.
Well done to Sam, Ealish and Poppy!

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