How'd house day first start?

- It began as Mr Starkey's idea originally when he was assistant head, but due to the football trip to California, the baton was passed to Mr Sorby. Then one year Mr Sorby couldn't do it because he was away with the geography trip, so it got passed to me. I've been doing it for about seven years now.

Is there much change between the days each year?

- The format's pretty much the same each year, except for today. For the first time ever, we've had to resort to plan B due to the weather - there's never been one before!

How is today different to previous years?

- The morning is pretty much the same, but some outdoor activities have had to change to indoor. This afternoon, the house dance is in the sports hall as it's the only room big enough!

Have you managed to see any of the activities around the school yet?

- Yes! Karaoke is in full swing, lots of singing going on. There's cakes being made in cake baking, and whiz ball is a bit chaotic. There's thousands of kids in there, but it looks good. Everyone's still smiling!

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