Dear Families, Students and Old Scholars

Our Year 11 into 12 Information Evening takes place this Tuesday, 4th April from 6.30 pm in the West and South Buildings, heralding the start of the period of time for Year 11 students when they will be making important decisions about their future. They will by now be acutely aware of the importance of good GCSE grades in their future pathway, whether this be in the Sixth Form at University College IOM or in employment. We do hope of course that as many as possible consider returning to our Sixth Form to pursue courses at Advanced level. Research evidence points very clearly at the vital importance of a wide base of qualifications as a necessity for success in future jobs market with many employers now expecting prospective employees to have qualifications both at Level 2 (GCSE) and Level 3 (A Level).

To help and support our Year 11 students in their studies, school will remain open during the Easter holidays, when members of our dedicated staff have signed up to deliver revision sessions in a wide range of subjects. Students have already been asked to sign up for these, please contact the school office if this piece of information is news to you! We wish all students preparing for examinations the very best of luck, though as I have said before hard work and dedication will have more to do with the eventual outcome than luck!

We are delighted to announce that the Northern Theatre Experience Live Screening at RGS will be launched on the 11th May, when the first live screened performance in our newly equipped sixth form lecture theatre will be “Obsession”, starring Jude Law. Tickets will soon be on sale via the Villa Gaiety Box Office.

The IOM Arts Council have been instrumental in facilitating this new venture, providing the funding which has enabled us to re-equip the sixth form lecture theatre, as well as to get the whole operation up and running. The Arts in general have a huge part to play in the life of this school and this community and we can already see the impact that they have had in our school. Live Screening provides another dimension to the very lively arts scene in the north and will provide an added opportunity for our students and our partner primary schools to see quality theatre productions in school time, since the new system comes with the option to record productions to show after the live screening within a given time frame. We do hope that you all support this wonderful new venture which will bring a wide range of new entertainment options to the north of the island.

I would also like to thank RGSA for their support in providing funding for display materials both for the sixth form lecture theatre and for our new concept “The Story of Ramsey Grammar School”, a pictorial record of RGS past, present (and future!) soon to be inaugurated in the East building. Watch this space …….

Mrs A Baker


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